A Film Company GmbH was founded 2015 in Zurich by Valentin Greutert and emerged from the split of HesseGreutert Film into two new independent firms. With his new company Greutert focuses even more consequently on profiled and unique films.

A Film Company produces fiction and documentary films with an artistic claim: esthetic, narrative and formal.

A Film Company works with regards to content and in partnership; as a critical and reliable partner for directors, authors and coproducers.

Producer Valentin Greutert is member of the European producer club ACE (Ateliers du cinéma européen), the European Film Academy as well as the Swiss Film Academy. He also developed and distributes the film production software KOSMA.


2023 This Kind of Hope, documentary, 82 min., writer & director: Pawel Siczek, coproduced by Departures Film, Germany
2022 Mad Heidi, fiction, 92 min., screenplay: S. Klopfstein, J. Hartmann, G. D. Widmer, Trent Haaga, director: Johannes Hartmann, co-director: Sandro Klopfstein
2019 Paradise War, fiction, 142 min., screenplay: Niklaus Hilber, Patrick Tönz, David Clemens, director: Niklaus Hilber
2018 Magicians, fiction, 105 min., screenplay: Sebastian Brauneis, Nicholas Ofczarek, Clemens Setz, director: Sebastian Brauneis, coproduced for Superfilm, Austria
2017 Two Hookers & A Bitch, fiction, 80 min., writer & director: Daniel Young
2016 Trading Paradise, documentary, 90 min., writer & director: Daniel Schweizer
2015 Amateur Teens, fiction, 93 min., screenplay: Niklaus Hilber & Patrick Tönz, director: Niklaus Hilber              
Roiber & Poli, webseries, 10*7 min., screenplay: Ph. Graber, R. Hubacher, P. Karpiczenko, director: Patrick Karpiczenko
2014 ThuleTuvalu, documentary, 94 min., writer & director: Matthias von Gunten
Aimless, TV-feature, 90 min., screenplay: Niklaus Hilber & Patrick Tönz, director: Niklaus Hilber
2013 Viktoria: A Tale of Grace and Greed, fiction, 88 min., screenplay: Anna Maros & Men Lareida, director: Men Lareida
2012 Paul Bowles: The Cage Door is Always Open, documentary, 87 min., writer & director: Daniel Young
2011 One Way Trip (3D), S3D-fiction, CH/AT, 89 min., screenplay: M. Bauer & B. Zach, director: Markus Welter, coproduced by Superfilm, Austria
2009 Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae, music documentary, CH/CA, 90 min., writer & director: Stascha Bader, coproducer by Muse Entertainment, Canada
2008 Day at the Seaside, fiction, 98 min., writer & director: Moritz Gerber
2007 Max Frisch, Citoyen, documentary, 94 min., writer & director: Matthias von Gunten
2006  Sonja’s Return, TV-feature, 90 min., screenplay: Dave Tucker, director: Tobias Ineichen

Films before 2015 were produced by Valentin Greutert for HesseGreutert Film. Except for «Viktoria: A Tale of Grace and Greed», all films are administered by A Film Company.