Horror, 89 minutes, CH/AT 2011

Directed by Markus Welter

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Eight young people travel to the Jura with food and tents. It is peak season for magic mushrooms. Everything is fine until one of the guys who had left to get beer returns to the campsite battered and beaten up. Suddenly, a storm gathers and their telephones no longer work. The campers seek protection at a farm nearby, but this only renders a bad situation worse, for now they are trapped. Hounded by their eerie pursuers, a thrilling frenzy into death begins.
One Way Trip 3D was one of the very first S3D-films produced in Europe. It’s available in 3D on Bluray. You can also watch it 2D by clicking the rent button above.


Sabrina Reiter, Harry Lampl, Aaron Hitz, Simon Käser, Isabelle Barth, Matthias Britschgi, Martin Loos, Tanja Raunig, Herbert Leiser, Melanie Winiger


Producers – Valentin Greutert, Simon Hesse
Coproducers – John Lüftner, David Schalko
Screenplay – Matthias Bauer, Bastian Zach

Line Producer – Stephan Barth

Director of Photography – Filip Zumbrunn
Production Design – Urs Beuter

Costume Design – Carol Luchetta

Make-Up Effects – Anne-Rose Schwab

SFX & Stunts – K-Stunts & Mazzotti Action

Stereographer – Jan Bernotat

Editor – Cecile Welter

Visual Effects – Celluloid VFX

Music Composer – Michael Sauter

Casting – Corinna Glaus


Coproduction Company
Superfilm, Vienna


Ascot Elite Entertainment (Schweiz & Deutschland)
Thimfilm (Österreich)
Lightning Entertainment (World Sales)


Nomination Taurus World Stunt Awards 2012


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