PARADISE WAR – The Story of Bruno Manser

Drama, 142 minutes

Directed by Niklaus Hilber

In Postproduction

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1984: Searching for an experience that goes deeper than the superficiality of modern civilisation, Bruno Manser travels into the jungles of Borneo and finds it with the nomadic Penan tribe. It is an encounter that changes his life forever. When the existence of the Penan is threatened by relentless deforestation, Manser takes up the fight against logging with a courage and determination that makes him one of the most renowned and credible environmentalists of his time. Eventually, it costs him everything. Based on a true story.
The film was shot in 76 days in Switzerland, New York, Budapest and Borneo. In a massive operation, the team went to remote locations in the last remnants of primary jungle on Borneo. The indigenous actors were cast among the original Penan people who continue their struggle to this day. The soundtrack was composed by Academy-Award winner Gabriel Yared (The English Patient).
Producer – Valentin Greutert
Coproducer – Philip Delaquis
Written by – Niklaus Hilber, Patrick Tönz, David Clemens
Director – Niklaus Hilber
Director of Photography – Matthias Reisser
Production Designer – Michael Baumgartner
Costume Design – Verena Haerdi
Hair & Makeup – Marina Wernli
Line Producer – Stephan Barth
Production Manager – Maja Sanchez
Editor – Claudio Cea
Sven Schelker – Bruno Manser
Nick Kelesau – Along Sega
Elizabeth Ballang – Ubung
Matthew Crowley – Carter-Long
David Kse – Chang
Benjamin Mathis – Roger Graf
Borneo, Switzerland, New York, Budapest
Switzerland: Elite Film AG
International: TrustNordisk ApS