Documentary, 86 minutes, CH 2012

A film by Daniel Young

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Even though his musical and literary oeuvre is neither large nor very well known apart from his bestseller-novel «The Sheltering Sky», the American composer and author Paul Bowles (1910-1999) was a man of immense charisma and influence.
When he moved to Tangier (Morocco) in 1949, it was a city divided into zones, a sanctuary for artists, writers and the wealthy to do as they pleased without fear of prosecution. Soon Paul’s friends and peers from America began visiting: Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, Gore Vidal, Jack Kerouac, Alan Ginsberg, William Burroughs and many others. The Neo-Lost Generation, the Beats, the Hippies all searched him out, lured by the mysterious and magical world he depicted in his books.
But that was only one side. Though Paul Bowles never hid his homosexuality, he was married to the lesbian writer Jane Bowles. What attracted them despite their extremely different personalities was a shared worldview: that one must travel to the point of no return in order to find salvation.
Based on an exclusive series of interviews with Bowles shortly before his death and anecdotes provided by his friends and collaborators, the film tells of a daring and visionary life and a relationship shaped by a co-dependency that went way beyond sexuality.
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Paul Bowles, Roland Beaufre, Bernardo Bertolucci, Ira Cohen, Karim Debbagh, Tamara Dragadze, Ruth Fainlight, Oliver Harris, John Hopkins, Richard Horowitz, Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno, Mohammed Mrabet, Cherie Nutting, Bachir Skiredj, Mohammed Temsamani, Florian Vetsch, Gore Vidal, John Waters, Edmund White.


Producer – Valentin Greutert
Executive Producers – This Brunner, Stanley Buchthal, Andres Bruetsch, Simon Hesse
Camera – Imre Juhas, Andres Bruetsch, Robert Adrian-Pejo, Felix von Muralt, Marco Möschler, Yoav Parish
Music & Sound Design – Csaba Kalotas
Animations – Robin Bushell, William Crook
Editor – Kaya Inan


World Sales
Submarine Entertainment


Audience Award at Torino LGBT 2013


Berlinale Panorama 2013, Mostra Sao Paolo 2012, Zurich Film Festival 2012 et al.


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