Webseries, 10×7 minutes, CH 2015

Directed, filmed & edited by Patrick Karpiczenko

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Online on srf.ch 


ROBBERS & COPS is a modern mug-story about a family on the verge of poverty. Mom and dad decide to become robbers. They exploit their eight-year-old daughter and find ever more pleasure in the criminal lifestyle.
An interactive web series about morality, sex and ham.


Philippe Graber
Rahel Hubacher
Sophie Gallo
Peter Freiburghaus


Director, Camera, Editor – Patrick Karpiczenko
Producer – Valentin Greutert
Screenplay – Philippe Graber, Rahel Hubacher, Patrick Karpiczenko
Set Design – Chasper Bertschinger
Costume – Rudolf Jost
Sound – Ivo Schläpfer
Mix – Manu Gerber
Line Producer – Maja Sanchez