TV-drama, 90 minutes, CH 2006

Directed by Tobias Ineichen

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Sonja spent 6 years in prison for the alleged murder of her husband – a crime she insists was an accident. Her son Tim lives with her in-laws who do not allow her to see him. Stefan, her husband’s former business partner and the only witness of the murder, is Sonja’s last chance. If he confirmed her innocence, Sonja could reclaim custody of Tim. But the past turns out to be more complex than Sonja expected …

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Melanie Winiger as Sonja
Marlon Altenburger as Tim
Urs Hefti as Armin
Suly Röthlisberger as Julia
Renate Steiger as Elvira
Andreas Matti as Brändli
Michael Finger as Stefan
Oliver Zgorelec as Dejan
et al.


Director – Tobias Ineichen
Producer – Valentin Greutert
Screenplay – Dave Tucker
Director of Photography – Felix von Muralt
Sound – Patrick Becker
Production Design – Georg Bringolf
Costume Design – Regula Wetter
Make-up – Connie Sacchi
Editor – Lilo Gerber
Casting – Corinna Glaus
Production Manager – Filippo Bonacci
Mix – Ramon Orza
Commissioner SRF – Lilian Räber
et al.


Prix Swissperform «Best Swiss TV Movie» 2006


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